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Consumer Durable Loan Tata Capital

Consumer Durable loan is a finance option for purchase of household items like Washing Machines, Refrigerators, AC, Color TV, LCD, Microwaves etc.

We offer certain finance schemes wherein the interest is subvented by the manufacturer or the retailer as the case may be. For other products / schemes we charge our regular rate of interest.

Why choose Consumer Durable loan from TCFSL?

Consumer durable loan from TCFSL not only helps the customer realize his life aspirations of being the proud owner of a Large screen television (LED/ LCD / Plasma etc) or even the latest music systems, Home Appliances , Laptops , Smart phones.

Using a Consumer durable loan from TCFSL the customer can also fulfill his aspirations for upgrading himself and go in for the products in the high end segments like a Bose music system or the latest range of large screen above 50 inches television etc.

The product categories covered under our consumer durable loans are:

  1. Flat screen television sets (LED/LCD/Plasma)
  2. Washing Machines
  3. Dryers
  4. Refrigerators
  5. Air Conditioners
  6. Microwave Oven
  7. Dishwashers
  8. Laptops/Desktops (Above Rs.30,000)
  9. Smart phones (Above Rs.20,000)
  10. Music Systems

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