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What is a Flexi EMI Business Loan ?

A Flexi EMI business loan as the name suggests is a loan with flexible EMIs. With Flexi EMI loan, you can plan your EMIs for your business loan depending on the state of your finances, growth plans for your business and cash flow requirements. There are three types of Flexi EMI loan plans - Step up Flexi EMI Plan, Step down Flexi EMI Plan and Bullet Flexi EMI Plan.

Business Loan suitable for you ?

Flexi EMI plans allow you to decide on the repayment plan suitable to your cash flow needs.

For instance, if you are starting new, you will take time to stabilize and generate a surplus. So, in the initial years, you will not be able to afford higher EMIs. Thus, a step up Flexi EMI plan would be suitable where the EMI can increase each year as your business generates more surpluses.

In another example, if your business is doing well and you generate high surpluses then you can pay higher EMI in the initial years of your business loan. Here, a step-down Flexi EMI plan would be suitable where the EMI can decrease each year. This plan helps you to hedge against any future downturn in your business.

In yet another example, if your business is seasonal or cyclical you may generate surpluses in bursts. It is advantageous to you if you can make lump sum payments towards your loan repayment. We have a bullet Flexi EMI plan where you can prepay in lump sum amounts easing your EMI commitments considerably.

Advantages of a Business Loan Flexi EMI Plan

Our Flexi EMI plans are designed to cater to your business cycles which may vary from business to business.

  • You can opt for a step up Flexi EMI loan when you make a large investment as the benefits of the investments take time to accrue to you thus allowing you to pay lower EMI initially and higher EMI later when your investment begins to bear fruit
  • You can opt for a step-down Flexi EMI loan when you make a small investment that gives you immediate benefits and tapers over a period of time
  • You can opt for a bullet Flexi EMI loan when you know your business peaks in one season and hits a low in another

Thus, whatever the nature of your business you have three repayment options to clear your business loan.

In order to check your EMI, use our Business Loan EMI Calculator.

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