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Gold Loan Features and Benefits Bajaj Finserv

A Gold Loan is a secured loan against your gold ornaments providing you a loan amount as per the market value of gold, with an EMI option to repay the same. At Bajaj Finserv, one of the best gold loan providers in India, we provide you with an express, reliable, hassle free and quality financial service to avail a quick and easy way of meeting your financial needs.

Gold Loan Features and Benefits

With low gold loan interest rates in India, it is a quick and easy way of meeting your financial needs today. Read on to know more about the unique benefits of taking a Gold Loan from Bajaj Finserv:

Our Gold Loan schemes are available in 278 locations across India.

Fast processing

Quick loan processing at Bajaj Finserv branches.


  • In-house gold valuation with a Carat Meter
  • Loans ranging from Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,00,000

You are eligible to get up to Rs. 10 lakh towards your gold ornament with a tenor of 12 months. Know more about Gold Loan eligibility and documents required..

Flexible repayment option with wider range of schemes

  • Bullet Scheme - pay only interest, monthly or quarterly
  • EMI scheme – total amount divided into equal EMIs
  • Flexi scheme – Multiple options for part payment and top up without charges (Innovated for builders, big traders and businessmen)
  • Upfront interest – Pay interest upfront at the start of your loan period and the rest after completion.

Nil foreclosure charges

In case you choose to foreclose your loan anytime during your tenor after the first EMI is paid, you can do so without any added foreclosure charges. Our Gold Loan fees and charges are the bare minimum.

No processing fee

Your Gold Loan disbursal amount, will have no processing fee.

Part pre-payment facility

There are times when you may have some extra cash in hand, you can then choose to pre-pay a part of your loan amount which would not only reduce your overall tenor/EMIs but also help you close your loan quickly.

These points will help you understand part-prepayment better:

  • You can pre-pay up to six times in a calendar year
  • The minimum pre-payment amount cannot be less than the sum of 3 EMIs.
  • There is no maximum limit for the pre-payment amount.

Part release facility

This facility allows the customer to withdraw some of the Gold Ornaments against which he has taken the Loan

Assured security of your gold ornaments with strong rooms

Only the world class security protocols being followed to ensure your property is in the safest of hands.

Repayment facility

Repayment is available at all Bajaj Finance Limited branches, our franchisees and consumer
durable dealer outlets across India

Flexible payment options

Interest or EMI payment can be made through cash or through ECS mandate

Gold Loan Eligibility

Applications for gold loan are accepted from:

  • Farmers, traders, salaried, self-employed professionals and businessmen
  • Between, minimum 21 years to a maximum of 70 years of age - Self-employed professionals/non-professionals.

Document required for Gold Loan eligibility:

  • Photo ID
  • KYC proof

Gold Loan Fees and Charges

  • Gold Loan interest schemes starts from 12% per annum
  • No processing fee

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Q1. Why should I avail of a Gold Loan from Bajaj Finserv? by Banker:

Low interest rates
Flexibility in repayment
No part payment charges, no foreclosure changes
Part release facility
No charges for gold security

Q2. How secure will my gold be? by Banker:

A. We have a CCTV, gold vault and motion detector installed in all branches to ensure the highest safety for your gold ornaments.

Q3. What if gold is stolen from your branch? by Banker:

A. Our gold is insured. In case of loss of your gold due to theft, the full value of your gold will get reimbursed to you basis the current gold price prevailing, as per recorded weight and carat.

Q5. Which documents do I need to carry with me? by Banker:

Address proof

Identity proof

If you want your EMI / interest to be directly deducted from banks then one cancelled cheque

Q7. Can I close my loan in two part payments? by Banker:

A. You may choose the EMI repayment option. Through this, your monthly principle will reduce and interest is applicable on reducing basis so you will get an interest benefit by choosing this option.

Q9. What is gold loan WOW? by Banker:

Through Gold Loan WOW process, customer does not have to travel to branch.

Door step service will be provided to customer which is first in industry, Bajaj Finserv team will travel to customer residence to process the loan

From gold testing to loan processing, all things will be carried out at branch.

Minimum 2 lakh loan amount will be required to avail this process, payment instruction will be given immediately after processing loan at customer place.

To release the gold customer will have to travel to branch.

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