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Loan Against Property Tata Capital

Loan Against Property the key to your dreams

Your property is one of your greatest assets. It also holds the key to make your dreams come true. Tata Capital's Loans against Property gives you the power to use your residential, commercial or alternate property to fund your dreams. So you don't have to wait to turn them into reality.

The Tata Capital Advantage

  • Loan Amount : You can avail Loans ranging from Rs. 5 Lakhs to Rs. 5 Crores
  • Flexible Tenure : You can repay your loan over a period of 12 months to 180 months.
  • Easy Repayment : You can repay your loan easily through ECS or even post-dated cheques.
  • Quick and Easy Processing : With quick online application and minimal paperwork, our representatives can process your loan in no time.
  • Floating and Fixed Interest Rates : Our Loans against Property come with attractive interest rates.
  • Acceptable Property Collaterals : Pre owned Residential, Commercial, alternate properties (schools, hotels, hospitals, residential plots and industrial property) and loans for purchase of commercial properties.

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Have a Loan Against Property Already? by Rajesh:

Transfer your Loan, Switch to the smarter loan

Refinancing allows you to end your original loan and create a new one with a better interest rate. This is favourable, especially if your existing loan has a variable interest rate. By switching loans, you can opt for a lower and fixed rate, which means, you can save up on your disposable income. Even a reduction of 0.5% on your loan can result in great savings every month!

Another benefit of refinancing is it allows you to reduce or increase your loan tenure, depending on your financial situation. So if you want to reduce the pressure of your monthly EMI payments, all you have to do is increase the tenure. On the other hand, if your income has increased and you can afford to pay off more than your current EMI amount then you can do so by decreasing the tenure. That way, you pay less towards the interest on your loan.

What is a loan against property? by Salnini:

Loan against property is a loan extended on a pre-owned property (Residential, commercial and alternate property) for a legitimate end use that is disclosed upfront. It is a loan against secured/free-of-charge market value of a property.

What is the minimum and the maximum loan amount I can avail? by Yogita:

You can avail loans ranging from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.5 crores depending on your collateral property value, income eligibility and repayment capacity.

Are there any additional charges? by Puneet:

Lucrative Processing Fee options are available for key corporates. The fees are collected in the following manner:

Login Processing Fee: A non-refundable Processing Fee of Rs.3000 + GST for loan amount up to Rs.3.00 Cr and Rs. 5000 + GST for loan amount greater than Rs. 3.00 Cr is payable upfront with the application form. Further, processing fees as per grid will be payable post sanction and prior to disbursement of the loan

Processing Fee: 1% - 1.25% of the Loan amount is collected from the customer depending on property type

Legal & Technical charges: Rs. 5,000 inclusive of GST for loan amount up to 1 CR and Rs. 10,000 inclusive of GST for loan amount Greater than 1 CR, payable post sanction and prior to disbursement of the loan

What types of properties can be considered as collaterals? by Sumit:

Self-occupied residential property, commercial property (offices, shops etc.) and alternate property (Residential Plots, Schools, hospitals, Industrial Property, hotels) can be considered as collaterals.

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