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Personal Loan in Ananthpur

Personal Loan comes up as the most secure form of Loan. Also, it is one of Loan which has gained a higher demand among the customers. A person can take a personal loan and full fill all his needs and requirements. Moreover, the best advantage comes up as that loan seeker is not required to give any particular detail to the bank in case of taking any personal Loan.

We can make use of a Personal Loan for renovating our house, organizing a family function, buying a new car, buying a laptop, to finance children wedding or also to go for a vacation.

About Anantapur:

Anantapur is a city which is well connected to Andra Pradheh. The economy as a whole has made various contributions which include agriculture, construction, iron ore and another form of production. Also, Business professionals can grow their business with positive cash flow.

Personal Loan is valid for two major categories that are as follows:

#Personal Loan for Salaried

  • It is mandated to be an Indian citizen
  • 21 is the minimum and 58/60 years is the maximum age to apply for Loan
  • Total experience of 3 years is necessary, and the minimum work experience of one month is required.
  • Minimum net take home- Rs 20,000 take away home

#Personal Loan for Self employed

  • An only Indian citizen is valid
  • Minimum age is 23 years, and Maximum period is 65 yrs
  • At least three years of experience in the current business

Personal Loan Interest Rate Charge Sheet 2019


Processing Fee

Pre-Payment Charges

Interest Rates


0.8% – 2.00%



10.99 – 20.75%


1999 to 2.50%

Zero or 5.00%

11.70 – 18.85%

Baja Finserv

Upto 2.00%

Upto 4% post 1st EMI clearance

11.99 – 16.00%

Fullerton India


Upto 7.00%, 0% after 3 year

14.00 – 33.00%

Standard Chartered

NIL (Zero)

Upto 2.00% of loan amount

10.99 – 14.49%


1.5 – 2.00%



11.50 – 20.00%

Axis Bank



11.25% to 24.00%

Methods of Repayment

For repayment of Personal loan, there are three methods which are as follows:

  • EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment): In this case, a fixed amount of money is required to pay every single month.
  • Term Loan: This is the one which is most favourable in case of small business. Loan lasts for a fixed period. The rate of interest remains fixed.
  • OD(Overdraft): Under such a system, Interest rate will be paid only on the amount which is credited. On the other hand, if the amount is debited, then in such a case, that no interest has to be made on that amount.

 Pre-Closure Charges:

  • There may be a probability that we want to close the loan before the completion of the tenure. In such cases, certain charges are required to be born, which are called as Pre-closure charges. The costs are very nominal and range between 0-2%.

 Tenure of Personal Loan:

  • The loan tenure generally lasts from 6 months to 2 years according to the person’s convenience.

How to apply online?

STEP 1: Visit the website: Click here

STEP 2: Capture and go through the entire information and select the best plan for yourself

STEP 3: Fill the Online Application form

STEP 4: A call will be requested, and our executives will guide you for the further follow-up process.

Documentation required:

The entire procedure is hassle-free. Banks always verify the document before availing a loan. The following is required:

  • An Income Proof:
  1. Salaried: Salary slip and bank statement of last six months
  2. Self Employed: ITr of the last three years with at least 2.5 lacs
  • Identity Proof: Adhar card, Passport, Driving License, Pan card and Voter ID
  • Residence Proof: Same as above.

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