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Personal Loan is something which can be availed to fulfil particular demands. A loan can function as monetary support. Also, we can meet our requirements. As a person, we can avail a loan amount up to the range of RS1 lakh to RS25 lakh.

Kodad is a town that is located on the border of Telangana and Andhra regions in south India. It was previously the biggest Grama Panchayat in the country. It is a town having a lot of resources and population density. There are different banks and Nbfc’s that are willing to process the personal loan.

Different Banks and their Interest Rates


Rate of Interest

Processing Fee

Loan Amount

Prepayment Charges

Disbursal Time



Kotak Bank

10.50% - 16.99%

0.99% - 2.5%

Rs.100,000 - Rs.20,00,000

Zero (if loan Amount is more than 10 lakhs) Else 5%

3 - 4 working days




11% - 17.50%

Rs.999 for Special offers otherwise 1% - 2.5%

Rs.50,000 - Rs.20,00,000


Nil (For Loan amount >10 lacs & 12 EMI paid), else 5%


3 - 4 working days



Standard Chartered

11.50% - 18%

0 - 1%


Rs.1,00,000 - Rs.30,00,000


Upto 5%


3-4 Working days




11.49% to 16.50%

Upto 2.0% + 0.5% (waiver on PF)
Special surprise gift from Citi Bank


Rs.1,00,000 - Rs.30,00,000


Upto 3%


48 hours



IndusInd Bank

12.99% - 20%

0.5% -2%

Rs.1,00,000 - Rs.25,00,000



4 working days




10.99% - 20.99%

Rs.1999 - 2.5%

Min. 50,000 Max. as per eligibility

Nil (For Loan amount>10 lakhs and 12 EMI paid), else 4%

3 - 4 Days



HDB Financial Services


16% - 21%


up to 2%


Rs.100,000 to Rs.15,00,000


Nil for Selected Corporates Employees (CAT A & B). 
4% For Rest


2 days - 7 days



Fullerton India

11.99% - 26%



Rs.50,000 - Rs.15,00,000

Upto 7.00%, 0% after 3 years


2-8 days



Bajaj Finance

11.99% - 16%

Upto 2%


Upto Rs.25 Lacs

Upto 4% post 1st EMI clearance

Approval In 48 Hours


Tata Capital

11.99% - 17%


Rs.75,000 - Rs.15 Lacs

Part Prepayment Charges: Nil (Allowed Post 6 months, Once a year, 25% of Principal Outstanding)


Loan disbursement in 3-4 days



Loan Eligibility Criteria:

In case you want to apply for a loan, you must have a strong financial back. Keep a check on your income, credit score. There must be a continuous flow of income. Banks always make sure that the loan amount can be repaid on time long with the rate of interest.

Two board classes can be highlighted:

Salaried Class:

Metros: minimum salary required is Rs15, 000 per month

Another city: Minimum Salary is RS12, 500 per month

Self Employed

Metros: Minuim ITR is RS15, 0000

Another city: Minimum ITR Is Rs15, 0000

Documentation Required:

The necessary documents act as a proof of identity Some of them are:

Age proof: Pan Card, Password, voters or driving the license can work as some of the essential valuables.

Income Proof: Salary for last month. Current dated salary.

Job Continuity Proof: 


Form 16/relieving letter/appointment Letter (for last two months) 

Banking History: Last 2-3 months bank Statement

Reasons for applying for a personal loan in Kodad

  • The entire procedure of using a loan amount can be straightforward. It depends on the income and repayment capability of the applicant.
  • It is a multi-purpose loan that can be used for the entire financial problems
  • It is a total collateral-free loan. No need to put any property or assets to the lender.
  • No co-signer is needed.

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